After Hours

This was the first short film I made in film school. It's my tribute to the horror film genre. This was for the Sound Design class in the Fall of 2005.

On Empty

This is the second short film I made in film school, the only one actually shot on film (16mm). A statement on the damage that can be caused from being closeted. For the Motion Picture Studio Production class, Summer 2006.

Mysophobic (An Abnormal Fear Of Contamination)

This is the third short film I made in film school. It's a tribute to John Waters whose films have shocked, tantalized, repulsed, amused, entertained and inspired me, and I'm all the better for it! John, I can never thank you enough! For the Production Workshop 1 class, Fall 2006.

A Gift

This was the fourth short film in film school. It was based on a story I read online, and is my tribute to the benefits of belonging to a church community. I figured that I'm so against organized religion that I would make this to show that I understand that there are some benefits. I still believe that religion is the root of all evil! This was for Production Workshop 2, Winter 2007.